JUVE Handbook Estimated in insurance law
(Volume 5 of 5 in 2018/2019)

Comment: The firm is also active in insurance law through its specialization in liability issues in companies. In this respect, the firm has a similar setup to Wirtz & Kraneis from Cologne, which also works frequently for directors and managers. In addition, however, its extensive experience in professional liability cases for tax consultants and lawyers stands out, where it is regularly mandated by a number of insurers. Often those affected also approach the firm directly. The lawsuit with the city of Eschborn was recently concluded with a successful settlement. Her tax law experience also speaks for itself from her work on the Cum-Ex cases.

Strengths: Tax law expertise.

Often recommended: Dr. Reinhard Patzina, Thorsten Lotz

Team: 5 partners, 1 associate

Focus: Advice and litigation in tax and corporate law cases, including a lot of professional liability (RAe, notaries, StB, WP, insolvency administrators), but also post-M&A disputes and D&O. Most recently, we have expanded our litigation expertise to include IP.

Clients: ongoing. HDI, Wiesbaden Insurance Office, Ergo, Allianz, Zurich, R+V on liability cases involving insurers, auditors and lawyers; various small and medium-sized companies in D&O disputes; 3 investors in lawsuits against Sarasin Bank in connection with Sheridan funds; insurer/public accountants due to lawsuit by the city of Eschborn regarding allegedly incorrect audit of a municipal company.

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Source: JUVE – Verlag für juristische Information GmbH

JUVE Hand­book 2018/2019, Commercial Law Firms,
21th Edition 2018/2019

Publication date: 26. October 2018

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