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The law firm PATZINA ⦁ LOTZ Rechtsanwälte, located in the heart of the so called “Europe City“ Frankfurt am Main, is characterized by a dynamic, powerful and agile team. The currently four professionals lawyers form a refreshing mix of forensically very experienced founding-partners, interdisciplinary and innovative consulting partners and aspiring associates. The elaborate team structure of the law firm enables us to provide sustainable advice covering all areas of commercial law. Our clients are mainly companys and individuals of the mid tier. They all benefit from the constant expansion of our range of legal services, which is always up to date due to our office’s location in the economically and technologically strong Rhine-Main area. The consulting services provided to our clients are therefore not only up-to-date, but also sustainable and promising.

Our professionals are united mostly by years of successful and friendly cooperation, coupled with the pride of being part of a stabel and assertive unit as well as the passion for the legal profession. Our daily work is carried out in the awareness of our responsibility towards our clients and the joy of creative, value-adding activities. We attach great importance to the development of long-term and trustful client relationships, which often lead to friendship or entrepreneurial cooperation with our clients, beyond legal advice.

Beyond the borders of the Rhine-Main area, our law firm is a member of the international network of law and consulting firms “Pragma”. We thus offer our clients the opportunity to not only recommend legal contacts beyond Germany and Europe, but also to make direct contact.

In the German law market, our firm enjoys an excellent reputation for its expertise in litigation and conflict management. Since the our law firm was founded, these areas of practice have been part our core competencies and form the basis of our advice, particularly in the areas of corporate law, liability law, tax law, insurance law, labour law, data protection and IT-law, competition law and intellectual property law.

Based on the experience gained from many years of successful forensic practice, our professionals focus on the precise and cleanly structured preparation of the facts relevant to the decision in order to provide our clients with a sustainable solution that is in line with their interests.

Due to our distinct interdisciplinary cooperation of our professionals, we are often able to recognize conflicts as they arise and often solve them out of court in a manner that is in the best interest of our clients without having to deal with legal questions that are not superficially connected. Our daily practice is therefore characterized by the realization that legal problems are rarely static or one-dimensional due to the increasing mechanization and economization and must be brought to a sustainable overall solution in order to be reflected in the decision-making of our clients and to pave the way for new economic opportunities.

On the basis of our proven team structure and our flat hierarchies, our clients benefit not only from a continuous and consistently high quality of advice and service, but also from a flexibly adaptable remuneration modell, without having to fear an escalating of costs.

In addition to our daily consulting practice, further specializations and continuous education are an important part of our self defined quality standards. Our professionals do not only continue their education on a regular basis, but also contribute to the scientific further education of law through publications in the legal literature. In addition, we also offer our clients specially tailored trainings, e.g. for the conversion of laws respectively the development of implementation concepts or as a reaction to legal violations in the aforementioned fields of law. In addition, our professionals are also active as lecturers at universities in order to integrate their experience from the daily practice into academic teaching and to introduce students to practical experience as early as possible.

As a future-oriented and innovative law firm, our professionals are currently developing a platform together with a friendly business partner, which shall serve for value-added process for new concepts and strategies of our clients and friendly companies is to be initiated. It is also our goal to use the platform for the exchange of ideas and legal discourse and to provide our clients and business partners with a forum for legal topics and questions outside of the normal conference rooms and law offices, which can be solved by exchanging experiences with each other.

We are always interested in the exchange of ideas and the cross-social cooperation with colleagues and companies and would be pleased if we have awakened your interest in our law firm.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.