Specialist attorney for tax law

The focus of Dr. Matz’s work is legal assistance for auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, notaries and insolvency administrators as well as executive boards, managing directors and supervisory boards in the defense against liability claims and recourse.

In addition, he renders his services to companies and entrepreneurs in corporate and tax law matters with regard to related matters of insolvency law. In these cases, he advises owners of mid-sized businesses as well as their shareholders in matters related to business foundations, business share sales and corporate succession.

Dr. Matz has many years of litigation experience before both civil and fiscal courts. He represents your interests in shareholder disputes as well as the assertion of and/or defense against civil claims.

He represents and advises you in disputes with tax authorities and in criminal tax law matters.

“Making the impossible possible for you – that’s what motivates us.”

Admitted to the bar in 2003, Dr. René Matz has been a partner with the law firm of PATZINA ⦁ LOTZ Rechtsanwälte since 2011.
Location: Frankfurt
Languages: German, English, French
Telefon: +49 (0) 69/583021-201
2011 – present
PATZINA ⦁ LOTZ Rechtsanwälte

Partner with the law firm of PATZINA LOTZ Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt am Main

until 2010
Hochschule Fresenius/Idstein

Lecturer of tax law at the Faculty of Business Law at Hochschule Fresenius/Idstein

2007 – present
PATZINA Rechtsanwälte

Specialist attorney for tax law

2003 – 2010
PATZINA Rechtsanwälte

Attorney at the law firm of PATZINA Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt am Main

Regional Court of Koblenz

Second State Law Exam 

Graduation as Dr. Jur.
Staying abroad in Orlando, USA
First State Law Exam, Mainz
  • Professional/D&O liability
  • Corporate/tax law consulting related to matters of insolvency
  • Litigation in corporate & tax law matters before civil/fiscal courts and tax authorities
  • Consulting in criminal tax law matters
  • Successful defense of tax consulting firm against recourse claims by third parties and successful defense against the firm’s two managing directors over personal accusations of erroneous accounting (litigation value: 6,5 mil. Euros)
  • Continuous legal defense services for professionals with regard to recourse claims
  • Advisory services for global, mid-sized company based in Hesse asserting recourse claims against former managing director in Brazil
  • Successful representation of former shareholder in real estate management company asserting severance pay (volume: 12 mil. Euros)
  • Review of existing and drafting of new shareholder contracts for small and mid-sized corporate clients and for their owners
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  • Author of contributing article on tax law in handbook Contractor Compliance – Prevention of liability and case management when using external personnel (“Contractor Compliance – Haftungsprävention und Fallmanagement beim Einsatz von Fremdpersonal”), July 2016 (Published by Verlag C.F. Müller, ISBN: 978-3-8114-4312-9).
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