Press report regarding SARS-CoV-2

Dear clients, friends and colleagues,

the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 is causing much uncertainty worldwide. At PATZINA LOTZ, too, we constantly monitor current developments and adapt our behaviour to the current circumstances.

In order to protect ourselves, our employees and clients and to further contain the spread of the virus, we have taken the following measures in the meantime:

  1. almost all of our lawyers and employees work remotely from home, in our offices there is only a core team present, which rotates on a regular basis, we are in constant exchange with each other
  2. meetings with clients, external colleagues and members of our networks take place via webinar, telephone conference and/or video conference
  3. business trips only take place in exceptional cases, if this cannot be avoided

The current situation is also new for us. Some things are still a bit unfamiliar. However, we are in the advantageous situation of having prepared our law firm for the innovations of digitalization at an early stage. This enables us to continue to be fully available for you. Some things – as we have now discovered – can even be made more effective than before. This is an important experience for the future, even if we wish the overall circumstances of the learning process in which we are all currently engaged to be happier and more peaceful.

As far as our accessibility and the effectiveness of our legal advice and litigation are concerned, you will fortunately not notice anything of our new working conditions. Nevertheless, in the spirit of open communication, we think it is important to inform you about the current situation, after all, you place your trust in us every day.

The most important things at the end:
You, our clients and colleagues, are very dear to us. We wish you, your partners, families and friends all the best, especially good health and that you remain optimistic even in difficult times.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!
All the best

PATZINA LOTZ Attorneys at Law


Pressebericht zu SARS-CoV-2

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