Law firms in Germany 2014 (15th Edition)

The Law Firm: History & Development

Based in Frankfurt, Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte is a commercial law firm, specializing in corporate, tax, employment law and, primarily, liability and insurance law. Its areas of practice typically include liability and recourse matters in the auditing, law and tax consulting business, its clients typically including decision makers like directors, executives and supervisory board members. Its partners, Dr Reinhard Patzina, Thorsten Lotz and Dr René Matz, have been working together for many years. Since July 2013, Dr Thomas Haßlöcher has been contributing his experience in operational provision concepts to its team, which now consists of six legal experts. (…)

Areas of Practice
Core business of the firm is its legal services in matters of professional liability. One of its founding partners, Dr Reinhard Patzina, has many years of experience in dealing with matters of insurance, recourse and liability law. Auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, notaries, board members and directors make up the client list of Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte, their pecuniary loss insurers always agreeing to hiring the services of this experienced law firm. The firm’s law practice for pecuniary losses/professional liability has gained a number of new clients, specifically in tax advisor, auditor, lawyer, broker and D&O liability cases. (…)

In addition to its core business of professional liability, the firm has been increasingly accepting corporate law cases too. Indeed, the corporate law practice of Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte continues on a steady course of growth. In addition to kits regular client base, which continues bringing new matters to the firm, Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte has also gained a number of new clients. As part of its corporate law practice, the firm offers consulting and litigation services. Companies turn to the firm for legal advice on start-ups, mergers or spin-offs as part of corporate acquisitions and finance matters.

Another pillar of the firm’s law practice involves tax law. Especially its corporate law services that tend to interface with tax law helps the firm create synergy and expand its existing client base. The firm renders its corporate tax law services to both national and international clients in dispute with fiscal authorities, both in and out of court. Meanwhile, Thorsten Lotz, following his publications on international tax law, including the DBA double tax treaty between Germany and Switzerland, has been attracting a growing number of Swiss-based clients. The interdisciplinary law services offered by this firm have an interesting way of linking corporate, tax and employment law, benefitting its corporate clients in more ways than one.

The law firm of Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte offers freelance professionals as well as directors and executives comprehensive consulting services and longstanding experience in insurance, recourse and liability law. Moreover, a growing number of corporate clients appreciate the firm’s way of linking corporate, tax and employment law when handling their legal matters.

Areas of Practice: One of the strengths of the law firm Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte is its clear focus on certain key areas of the law, based on the longstanding experience of its partners in these areas. Traditionally, they include insurance law and liability law for independent professionals, the latter being Dr Patzina’s forte. Most of its clients are lawyers, notaries, tax advisors and auditors (…) Recently, the law firm has seen increasing demand for its services in consulting on matters of mediator & brokers liability and in representing management/supervisory boards and CEOs in liability law matters. In commercial law, attorney-at-law Thorsten Lotz, a founding partner, is raising his profile in the areas of corporate, stock corporation and M&A law due to his consulting services in corporate transformation and acquisition matters. (…) in this context, demand for the law firm’s services is growing in closely related areas like labour, IP and tax law as well. What’s more, a growing number of clients are seeking help in cases of criminal tax law, which are specifically handled by Dr René Matz. Add to that the growing demand for legal support in tax and legal compliance matters regarding limited-liability remuneration agreements and the implementation of related guidelines within a corporate environment.

Verdict: Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte is a rising name in the market. The fact that its clients increasingly retain their attorneys’ services in all areas of practice speaks of client satisfaction and confidence in the law firm. From its original core competence of insurance & liability law, the firm’s partners are expanding their expertise to offer full consulting in the closely related areas of corporate, stock corporation and M&A law, focusing on independent professionals. Keeping the firm at a manageable size further ensures flexible personal service.

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Source: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Kanzleien in Deutschland 2012,

15. Edition 2013, P. 7480

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