The Law Firm – History & Development: Founded in 1998, the Patzina law firm specializes in the areas Industrial Property Rights, Insurance Law, Recourse and Liability Law (…); starting 1/1/2011, (…) Partners Dr. Reinhard Patzina and Thorsten Lotz continued their insurance, recourse and liability law practice under the name Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte. Joining the two founding partners, Dr. René Matz joined the new law firm as Partner. In early 2011, the longstanding managing director of the VWI insurance pool, Dr. Ulf Pohl, joined the insurance law practice of the firm as of Counsel. Also in 2011, two new lawyers joined the firm. Over the medium term, the firm expects additional moderate growth. Law Practices and Clients: The primary law practices of Patzina Lotz Rechtsanwälte comprise insurance and liability law as well as litigation, its services focusing on auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, notaries, business executives, supervisory boards and managing directors. Clients include major European insurance companies like Allianz, HDI-Gerling, ERGO, Axa and the VWI insurance pool. Corporate law services include consulting for mid-sized clients. In addition to litigation before Germany’s higher regional courts, Federal Fiscal Court and Federal Labor Court, the lawyers of Patzina Lotz furthermore act as party-appointed arbitrators as well as presiding arbitrators in out-of-court settlement procedures. Verdict: Dr. Reinhard Patzina and Thorsten Lotz, the firm’s two founding partners, both have been enjoying an excellent reputation in the fields of insurance and liability law for years. Adding Dr. Ulf Pohl to their team paves the way to further growth in these fields.

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Source: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Kanzleien in Deutschland 2012, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Kanzleien in Deutschland 2012,

13. Edition 2012, P. 814

Publication date: 04. Mai 2012

Kanzleien In Deutschland 2012