JUVE Handbook: Ranking Insurance Litigation
(Volume 6 of 6 in 2023/2024)

Valuation: This Frankfurt law firm specialises in representing professionals, in particular tax advisors, in liability cases under insurance law. It regularly obtains such mandates via a number of insurers, sometimes due to its tax and corporate law expertise. Overall, the unit has broad litigation experience, which also includes D&O cases, corporate disputes and, more recently, IP litigation. Overall, the firm is stable after a name partner retired last year. There were no visible changes in the client structure, which speaks in favour of good preparation for the handover.

Strengths: Expertise in tax law.

Often recommended: Thorsten Lotz, Dr René Matz

Team: 2 equity partners, 2 associates

Areas of specialisation: Advice and litigation in tax and corporate law cases, a lot of professional liability (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, auditors, insolvency administrators), but also post-M&A disputes and D&O.

Clients: Insurers: various professional indemnity insurers in recourse cases of lawyers’ and tax advisors’ liability, inter alia due to subsequent claims for social security contributions for shareholder-managers; ongoing: HDI, Wiesbaden insurance branch, Ergo, Allianz, Zurich.Policyholder: ltd.Employee of an energy supplier due to late cancellation of gas contracts; notary as defendant in a dispute concerning liability arising from property purchases; widow of an accountant due to damages; accountant due to repayment of fees and fiduciary funds.

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