JUVE Handbook: Ranking Insurance Litigation
(Volume 5 of 5 in 2022/2023)

Comment: The Frankfurt firm is particularly active in the representation of professionals, especially tax advisors, in liability cases. In such cases the firm is also recommended by a number of insurance companies, not least because of its broad litigation know-how and its expertise in tax and corporate law. The liability constellations are varied and often complex, for example in actions by insolvency administrators. The firm does not limit itself to this, however, and is also in demand for D&O-relevant proceedings. There was a personnel cutback, as name partner Patzina retired. His mandates were taken on by the other partners with the support of an experienced associate.

Strengths: Tax law know-how.

Often recommended: Thorsten Lotz, Dr. René Matz

Team: 2 partners, 2 associates

Focus: Advice and litigation in tax and corporate cases, a lot of professional liability (lawyers, notaries, accountants, auditors, insolvency administrators), but also post-M&A disputes and D&O. Also IP litigation.

Clients: Liability: Various professional liability insurers in recourse cases involving lawyers’ and tax advisors’ liability, e.g. additional social security contributions for shareholder-managing directors; MDP law firm for faulty contract advice; Tax advisor’s office due to insolvency delay liability; professional liability cases via Nürnberger Versicherung; auditor / tax advisor due to incorrect implementation of a corporate tax group; insolvency administrator in defence of pension insurance claims; ongoing: HDI, Wiesbaden insurance office, Ergo, Allianz, Zurich.

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Quelle: JUVE – Verlag für juristische Information GmbH

JUVE Handbook 2022/2023, Wirtschaftskanzleien,
25. Edition 2022/2023

Publication date: 29. October 2022

Juve Handbuch 2022/2023