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(Volume 5 of 5 in 2019/2020)

Comment: This Frankfurt firm is regularly advised on sensitive liability cases involving advisors and often comes into play via the recommendation of the advisor’s insurance. Much of the work again involved D&O cases, in which the directors and managing directors concerned often turn directly to the experienced lawyers. Our expertise in tax law is particularly evident in the case of Lotz’s mandate in a lawsuit brought by three investors in a cum-ex lawsuit against Sarasin Bank, which also raises questions of insurance law. In addition, the litigation and IP team opened up further fields beyond insurance law, which led to a higher profile for the firm in the market. In addition, the firm has strengthened its team with an experienced associate, whose special field of professional liability complements the well-established team.

Strengths: Tax expertise.

Oft empfohlen: Dr. Reinhard Patzina, Thorsten Lotz

Team:5 partners, 2 associates

Focus:Advice and litigation in tax and corporate law cases, including professional liability (lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, auditors, insolvency administrators), but also post-M&A disputes and D&O. Lastly specialized. Expansion of litigation competence to include IP.

auditing company in case of legal action due to faulty attestation; R+V on liability cases of auditors, auditors and attorneys; various tax advisors in proceedings against the tax authorities. Insolvency administrator due to deterioration in insolvency ratio. 
Manager liability: 
various medium-sized companies. Companies in D&O disputes. 
Property insurance:  
3 investors in legal action against Sarasin-Bank in connection with cum-ex cases; consulting company on tax-saving model; various consulting companies on insurance law in the event of a change of legal form; ongoing: HDI, Versicherungsstelle Wiesbaden, Ergo, Allianz, Zurich.

Strengths: Tax law expertise.

Often recommended: Dr. Reinhard Patzina, Thorsten Lotz

Team: 5 partners, 1 associate

Focus: Advice and litigation in tax and corporate law cases, including a lot of professional liability (RAe, notaries, StB, WP, insolvency administrators), but also post-M&A disputes and D&O. Most recently, we have expanded our litigation expertise to include IP.

Clients: ongoing. HDI, Wiesbaden Insurance Office, Ergo, Allianz, Zurich, R+V on liability cases involving insurers, auditors and lawyers; various small and medium-sized companies in D&O disputes; 3 investors in lawsuits against Sarasin Bank in connection with Sheridan funds; insurer/public accountants due to lawsuit by the city of Eschborn regarding allegedly incorrect audit of a municipal company.

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JUVE Hand­book 2019/2020, Commercial Law Firms,
22nd Edition 2019/2020

Publication date: 01. October 2019

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