JUVE Handbook: Estimated in insurance law (2016/2017)

Ranking: Respected insurance law firm that, like few others out there, specializes in advisor liability matters for which it is hired time and again due to its close contacts to insurance carriers. Among its partners, PL has gained a new one in the form of litigation expert Uwe Müll­ner, who has already built a reputation for himself by, among others, representing tax advisors and an in­sol­vency administrator in liability matters in court. The firm’s ability to deepen its relations with major insurers is illustrated by the fact that Thorsten Lotz is increasingly being hired in the run-up to potential liability matters in order to minimize any losses right from the get-go. Due to its ex­per­ti­se in tax law, PL also handles investor lawsuits involving losses from cum-ex deals.

Strengths: Tax law ex­per­ti­se.

Frequently Recommended: Dr Rein­hard Patz­i­na, Thors­ten Lotz

Law Practice: Consulting and litigation services in D&O and other liability cases. Longstanding industry contacts and tax law expertise make for many cases of professional liability cases (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, auditors, in­sol­vency administrators, liquidators), plus tax and corporate law matters. (3 part­ners, 2 as­so­cia­tes)

Clients: Insurance carriers HDI, VWI insurance pool, Ergo, Al­li­anz, Zu­rich, R+V in tax advisor, auditor and lawyer liability cases; defense of law firm against accusations of improper counsel in connection with IT contract; defense of tax consulting/auditing firm in recourse proceedings over alleged improper counsel in connection with business sale; representation of 3 in­ves­to­rs in lawsuits against Sa­ra­sin Bank in connection with She­rid­an Funds.

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Source: JUVE – Verlag für juristische Information GmbH

JUVE Hand­book 2016/2017, Commercial Law Firms,
19th Edition 2016/2017

Publication date: 30. October 2016

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