JUVE Handbook: Estimated in insurance law (2013/2014)

Ranking: Respected insurance law firm that that profits from the rising number of liability cases against freelance professionals. Although PL has most of its clients referred by numerous insurance companies, the law firm is also directly approached by lawyers and tax advisors. In addition to its long-term clients, the law firm was also able for the first time to win 2 leading professional liability insurers as clients. The tax law ex­per­ti­se of its lawyers furthermore makes this law firm the litigator of choice for major auditing companies.

Strengths: Tax law ex­per­ti­se.

Frequently Recommended: Dr. Rein­hard Patz­i­na

Areas of Practice: Consulting and litigation processes in D&O and advisor liability. Longstanding industry contacts and tax law expertise makes for many cases of professional liability cases (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, auditors, in­sol­vency administrators, liquidators), plus tax and corporate law matters. (3 Part­ners, 1 of Coun­sel, 3 As­so­cia­tes)

Clients: Defense of major auditing company against client over general liability agreement; defense of various auditing companies in liability case involving annual audit; defense of numerous lawyers and tax advisors in liability cases; litigation services for 4 leading insurers in cases involving tax advisor, lawyer and auditor liability; legal services for coinsurance community in tax advisor/auditor liability case.

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Source: JUVE – Verlag für juristische Information GmbH

JUVE Hand­book 2012/2013, Commercial Law Firms,
16th Edition 2013/2014, pg. 597

Publication date: 25. Oktober 2013

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