JUVE Handbook: Estimated in insurance law (2012/2013)

Ranking: Renowned insurance law firm. Focal points include litigation involving liability claims against freelancers including lawyers and tax advisors, with the firm’s in-house interface to tax law showing its po­si­tive effects. Above all, clients praise the “in-depth expertise” and “confident appearance” of Patz­i­na lawyers in court. Add to that the addition of experienced Coun­sel Dr Ulf Pohl, the former managing director of the VWI Insurance Pool, bringing in various major clients from the auditing business.

Strengths: Excellent contacts in the insurance industry and tax law ex­per­ti­se

Frequently Recommended: Dr Rein­hard Patz­i­na

Law Practice: Consulting and litigation services in D&O and advisor liability cases. Longstanding industry contacts and tax expertise both generate many professional liability cases (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, auditors, in­sol­vency administrators). Add to that tax & corporate law matter

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Source: JUVE – Verlag für juristische Information GmbH

JUVE Hand­book 2012/2013, Corporate Law Firms,
15th Edition 2012/2013, pg. 596

Publication date: 01. November 2012

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