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The law firm PATZINA LOTZ Rechtsanwälte, based in the heart of the European city of Frankfurt am Main, is a dynamic, focussed and agile team of seven professionals, which form a powerful mix of forensically experienced founding partners, interdisciplinary and innovative partners, as well as aspiring associates. The
integrated team structure of our law fi rm enables us to provide sustainable advice covering all areas of business law. Our clients are mainly commercial enterprises and individuals from medium-sized businesses, which benefit from our expanding range of multi-disciplinary services. We always have our finger on the pulse of time, thanks to our law firm’s location in the business and technology hub of the Rhine-Main region. This allows us to provide consulting services to our clients that are not only up-todate, but also sustainable and future-oriented.

Our professionals are united by years of successful cooperation based on partnership, coupled with the pride of being part of a team characterised by integrity and strength. Our daily work is carried out in the awareness of our responsibility towards our clients and the pleasure of engaging in creative, value-adding activities. We attach particular importance to the development of long-term and trust-based client relationships, which often lead to friendly relations or business cooperation with our clients that go beyond purely legal advice.

As a member of the International Network of Law and Consulting Firms “PRAGMA”, our law fi rm has an excellent global network that extends beyond the borders of the Rhine-Main region. This enables us not only to recommend legal contacts beyond Germany and Europe to our clients, but also to establish direct

Our firm enjoys an excellent reputation in the German market fo its expertise in litigation and conflict management. These areas of activity have been among the core competencies of our law firm since its foundation and form the basis of our consulting services. We are particularly active in the fields of corporate law, liability law as it pertains to independent professional service providers, tax law, insurance law, labour law, data protection and IT law, competition law and intellectual property law.

Based on our many years of successful forensic practice, our advice is focussed on precise and well-structured preparation of the facts relevant to the decision, as well as the goals and interests of our clients, to find sustainable solutions in the interests of our clients. Thanks to the pronounced interdisciplinary cooperation
between our professionals, we are often able to recognize conflicts as they arise and solve them out of court on a factual level. Our daily practice is characterized by the realization that legal problems are rarely static or one-dimensional due to the increasing mechanization and economization of law and its entrepreneurial context. These aspects must be reflected in the decision-making process in order to find a sustainable overall  solution for the legal issues of our clients. Our goal is not only to solve legal issues, but also to pave the way to new economic opportunities for our clients.

Thanks to our proven team structure and fl at hierarchies, our clients benefit not only from a continuous and consistently high quality of advice and service, but also from a flexibly adaptable remuneration concept, without having to fear escalating costs. In addition to our daily consulting practice, further specializations
and continuous further training are an important part of our quality standards. Our specialists not only undertake continuous professional development on their own behalf, but also contribute to the development of academic discourse through publications in the legal literature. In addition, we also off er our clients specially tailored training courses, focussed for example on the implementation of laws, the development of
implementation concepts, or as a reaction to legal infringements in the areas of law mentioned. In addition, our professionals are also active as lecturers at universities in order to integrate their experience from daily practice into academic teaching and to introduce students to practical experience as early as possible.
As a future-oriented and innovative law firm, our professionals are currently developing a platform, together with a friendly business partner, which will enable us to initiate a value creation process for new design concepts and strategies for our clients and friendly companies. The aim is also to use the platform for the exchange of ideas and legal discussion. This will provide our clients and business partners with a forum for legal topics and questions outside of the normal conference rooms in order to develop solutions together through the open exchange of knowledge and experience. 

We are always interested in exchange and crosspartnership cooperation with colleagues and companies and we would be delighted if we have sparked your interest in our law firm.

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Uwe Müllner is a partner at PATZINA LOTZ Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB, Frankfurt am Main.

Mr Müllner studied law at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and received his Masters in International Commercial Law from the University of Nottingham (UK). He has been working as a lawyer since 2005, including activities for an international law fi rm based in Munich and Hamburg.

Mr Müllner specializes in handling complex (arbitration) court disputes in the field of commercial and corporate law. He regularly represents companies, their boards and shareholders in the context of post M&A disputes, board and shareholder disputes and in D&O cases. Mr Müllner also has proven experience in (arbitration) court disputes in commercial, banking and capital markets law.

In order to achieve the optimal result for his clients, Mr Müllner works closely with his client’s tax consultants, auditors and management consultants.

He tries to find lasting and economical solution for extrajudicial conflicts in the interests of his clients, with the aim of avoiding future disputes. He therefore integrates the interests and goals of all parties involved into the analysis and negotiation strategy in order to create the greatest added value in the long term for his clients in the negotiation process.

However, if out-of-court settlement fails, Mr Müllner’s conduct of the case is characterized by a conclusive and clear process and risk analysis, an overall strategy based on this to enforce the claims of his clients, as well as convincing and precise lines of argumentation.

Mr Müllner also advises companies and their shareholders on all corporate law issues, such as M&A transactions, compliance, restructuring and corporate succession. Another focus of his advisory activities is the drafting and negotiation of contracts in the fi eld of commercial and distribution law.

Mr Müllner’s advice is characterized by an interdisciplinary and results-oriented approach, which is focused both on the economic goals as well as strategic goals of his clients. In order to achieve the optimal result for his clients, Mr Müllner works closely with his client’s tax consultants, auditors and management consultants.

Uwe Müllner’s clients are predominantly medium-sized companies and wealthy private individuals. 

Mr Müllner is a regular speaker on the topics of “Liability of managing directors, board members and supervisory board members” and “Compliance”.


Mr Müllner is a Certified Compliance Officer and Certified Business Coach.

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Uwe Müllner
Attorney-at-Law LL.M.

Uwe Müllner is specialized in accompanying complex (arbitration) court disputes in the field of commercial and corporate law.
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